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Terms & Conditions



Our Guarantee: We are confident you will be pleased with your professional window washing service. However, if you are not completely satisfied, call us with 3 days of service date and we will either rectify the issueNo complains accepted after 3 days left!

If you didn’t wash your windows more that 2-3 years the result can be not perfect (up to 70% difference).

If your windows are super dirty you have to wash them up to 3-5 times to make them clean.



* Window wells 10-30$.

*Each window track 5$.

*Each Window frame 5$.

*Storm window $5 each.

*Skylights $10-60 each in/out.

*Picture window $10-40 in/out.

*Special windows 10-80$ in/out.

*Hard water removal from 10$ each.

*Screens $2 each washed, $1 brushed.

*Screen repair from 15$ depends on size.

*Usage of 32 inch ladder 30$ extra charge.

*Bars removal and installation 0.50$ each.

*French window $4-6 extra per window or counts as 2 regular windows.

*Moving furniture is subject for extra charges (depends on size and count).

*Sills free




Moving furniture is subject for extra charges (depends on size and count).

Company and technician are not responsible for damage or chip of paint or parts of home exterior.

Please double check completion of job. No complaints accepted once technician left premises. 





*Usage of 32 inch ladder 30$ extra charge

*Remove Debris From The Roof – extra charge.

*Flushing Downspouts & Roof Cleaning – extra charge.

*included up to 6 downspouts. Additional downspout 5$.

*To Remove Garbage From The Premises – $5 per bag.

*Detached garage gutters $25 to $80 depending on size.

** Buildings up to 3000 Sq ft. Every additional 500 sq ft we charge 20$.

*We charge $30 to $80 extra for cleaning gutters with gutter covers (screens).

***All gutter cleaning jobs come with 10 day warranty. No complains accepted after 10 day left!

All estimates and quotes are subjects to change or re-estimate.