Four Season Pro's | Chicago Window Cleaning Services
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Windows cleaning

Chicago windows cleaning

Chicago windows cleaning

Chicago windows cleaning

Chicago windows cleaning


Four Season is a regular, repeat service company offering window cleaning and window washing and other related services. We offer specially designed “Window Care” programs which are customized to meet your needs and are discounted based on frequency. With our specialized Window Care program, you have the ability to create a residential window cleaning schedule that is both affordable and effective at keeping your windows looking squeaky clean all year round.


If you are like most homeowners, it is most likely that you don’t clean windows. That is mostly because streak free quality window cleaning is often tedious, time consuming and dangerous to do. Using ammonia, vinegar or Windex with paper towels or even a baby diaper are the most commonly used at-home window cleaning tricks but these methods just don’t cut it. At Four Season, we recognize how valuable your time is. Our technicians are on standby to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you on demand. With our 3-step cleaning procedure, the streak-free cleaning is done for you. No streaks. No drips. No ladders!


We are focused on bringing high-end, quality window cleaning service to the homeowner, Four Season remains concerned with a spotless professional work ethic and record. Providing a cleaning service that restores your glass or windows to its most pristine state – a condition designed to weather the storms – this is a service that goes above and beyond what other companies offer. Four Season’s goal is clear: Bringing your eyes back to the view and away from the glass.

Why Choose Four Season?

  • We have well trained technicians that can handle all aspects of window cleaning
  • We are a well recognized brand in (Chicagoland)
  • You are 100% guaranteed to be satisfied
  • We offer multiple services to maintain your home year-round
  • Competitive rates; our services are more affordable than you think

Window cleaning prices

Count In/Out Outside Only
1-15 $160 $120
16-25 $200 $160
26-35 $250 $190
36-45 $300 $240
46-60 $360 $290
61-80 $400 $340
81-100 $500 $420
101-125 $580 $480
126-150 $650 $550
151-175 $720 $600

Our Guarantee: We are confident you will be pleased with your professional window washing service. However, if you are not completely satisfied, call us with 7 days of service date and we will either rectify the issue.

Professional and polite washers. No mess inside or out. All equipment supplied.


Additional Charges


* Window wells 10-30$.

*Each window track 5$.

*Each Window frame 5$.

*Storm window $5 each.

*Skylights $10-60 each in/out.

*Picture window $10-40 in/out.

*Special windows 10-80$ in/out.

*Hard water removal from 10$ each.

*Screens $2 each washed, $1 brushed.

*Screen repair from 15$ depends on size.

*Usage of 32 inch ladder 30$ extra charge.

*Bars removal and installation 0.50$ each.

*French window $4-6 extra per window in/out and $3 out only.

*Moving furniture is subject for extra charges (depends on size and count).

*Sills free